Centre for Innovation in Hydrographic Technologies of Algarve

The centre was created under the CIU3A project, which is a cross-border cooperation project between Spain and Portugal, funded by Interreg POCTEP. Find out more about our centre for research and innovation in Algarve, Portugal.

Cross-border Cooperation Partners

The University Innovation Centre Andaluzia, Alentejo Algarve (CIU3A) is a joint innovation center of the universities of Seville, Évora and Algarve specialized in Industry 4.0, Logistics, Materials and Sustainability.




The University and the Port of Seville, located in Andalusia region, in the south of Spain develop activities focused on Port Logistics and Materials.

With vast experience in technology and marine science projects, the University of Algarve has established a center for the development of activities in the areas of Maritime Technology and Maritime Safety.

Located in Portugal, in Alentejo region, the University of Evora has the support of a scientific park for the development of its activities focused on Health and Sustainability.

Areas of expertise

The Centre for Innovation in Hydrographic Technologies of Algarve is composed of three areas of competence, which aim to streamline the transfer of scientific knowledge to society and develop research activities applying the principles of industry 4.0.

New Hydrography Technologies

Innovation and Training in Maritime Safety

HUB of TIC companies for Blue Economy